Ben Chepleski is a character from Matt and Trey's 1997 film Orgazmo. He is played by Dian Bachar.


Ben is actually a geniuse who has invented a variaty of gadgets. He works in porn films because of his over active sex drive. Because of his abillity to invent things he makes his own props when playing the part of "Choda Boy", a Orgazmo's sidekick who fights crime using modified sex toys. While playing this part he decided to make one of the inventions from the film, the orgazmarator, a device that causes anyone to instantly have an orgazam, because of his over active sex drive. Later in the film him and Joe use the device to fight crime for real.

Choda BoyEdit

Choda Boy is a character Ben plays in the popular porno "Orgazmo". He is the sidekick to superhero, Orgazmo and fights crime using modafied sex toys. Later in the film Ben becomes the real Choda Boy.


Comic Book style of Choda Boy


"And Choda Boy!"

"Need a hand?"