Clyde Donovan is a fictinal character in Matt and Trey's animated sitcom South Park.

Clyde Donovan





Voiced By:

Trey Parker

First Appearence:

Waight Gain 4000


Mr. Donovan (father), Martha Donovan (mother)


Roman Catholic


Clyde is a cry baby as shown in the episodes "Fourth Grade", "Fatbeard", "Christmas Time in Canada" and others. He is also known as the second fatest kid (the first being Cartman). In the episode "The List" he finds out that he has been voted the cutest boy in class by the girls and lets it go to his head. Later however it is reveiled that it was rigged and he was actually closer to the bottom of the list.


Clyde first appeared in the episode "Waight Gain 4000" when he asks if he is a pilgrim or an indian in the school play. It is unawear where the exact insperation for his character came from.

Episodes in Which he is PromanentEdit

Waight Gain 400-First Appearence, is in the school play

Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride-Clyde's dog Rex is raped by Sparky.

Pinkeye-becomes a zombie

Damian-Makes a bet with Bebe that he can spit on Pip the most

Clubhouses-Becomes Bebe's boyfriend.

Tweek vs Craig-Tells Mr. Adler that Tommy got his face removed with a belt sander. Later he sells programs at the fight.

Sexual Harrassment Panda-Wins a yacht.

Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000-Becomes the new fat kid.

Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow- Tries to tell the earth day people that there is no evidance for Global Warming.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring of the Two Towers-Holds a council on what is to be done with the video tape.

Proffeser Chaos-Is a candidate for the boys fourth friend.

Good Times With Weapons-Pretends to be a ninja.

Douche and Turd-Clyde is upset when the school's mascot is no longer aloude to be a cow.

Marjourine-Along with the other boys, tries to get the girls "magic device".

Make Love, Not Warcraft-Reads Playboy instead of playing World of Warcraft.

Mystery of the Urinal Deuce-Is acused of having pooped in the urinal.

Lice Capades-Clyde's lice prepare for armigeden while Clyde tries to get rid of them.

The List-Finds out he is number one on a list the girls made of the cutest guys, later it is reveiled that he was actually closer to the bottom.

The China Probrem-Witnesses the raping of Indianna Jones.

Fatbeard-Goes to Somolia with Ike, Kevin and Cartman.