Eliza Schneider is a voice actress best known for her work on South Park. She is also a singer, songwriter, historian, and playwrite.

Eliza Schneider


Febuary 3, 1978


Blue Girl


1997-Johnny Bravo-Lola

1997-King of the Hill-Charrise

1999-South Park-Estella, Liane Cartman, Mayor MacDaniels, Ms. Crabtree, Carol McCormick, Principal Victoria, Sharon Marsh, Shelly Marsh, Wendy Testaburger

Work on South ParkEdit

She replaced Mary Kay Bergman after her death. She did the voiced up untill 2003 when she requested a untion contract. Matt and Trey where unable to grant this and she quit.

Personal LifeEdit

Eliza Shnider was born to a Jewish father and a Native American mother. She grew up on the Chippewa Reservation. In high school she participated in several theater programmes.