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Joe Young is the main character from the film Orgazmo.

Joe Young






Porn Star/Crime Fighter

Played By:

Trey Parker


Lisa (fiance)


Joe Young is a morman elder. He grew up completley sheltered from sexuality but learns to embrace it after acting in porno movies. He is an actor who majoured inacting. He is also an expert at martial arts.

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Comic book style version

Role in OrgazmoEdit

He is the protaganist of the movie and gets roped into acting in a porno movie. He soon becomes the biggest star in the buisness. By the end of the film he actually becomes the real Orgazmo.


Joe potraying Orgazmo in his films


Joe as the real Orgazmo (left)

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Ben ChepleskiEdit

Ben Chepleski AKA Choda Boy is Joe's co-star. They become good friends and begin fighting crime together.


Lisa is Joe's fiance. She wanted to get married in the temple but it costs alot of money, thats why Joe agreed to act in the movie. She is a strict morman but by the end, like Joe, she learns to emprace sexuality and mormonism.

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