Kenny McCormick is a character in Matt and Trey's animated series South Park. He is most famouse for his muffled speech and his constant deaths.

Kenny McCormick





Voiced By:

Matt Stone

First Appearence

Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs Frosty

First Appearence in series:

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe


Carol McCormick (mother), Stuart McCormick (father), Kevin McCormick (brother), Karen McCormick (sister)


Kenny is the most fowl mouthed of the four boys. He is also the only one of the four who completly understands sex and enjoys it. He is from the poorest family in town. Kenny can be angered easily when this is pointed out. He is also the character (besides Liane Cartman of corse) who actually enjoys Cartman's company. Even though he can get mad at him like everyone else he enjoys the same kind of humure as him and is sometimes the only other person laughing. Also Cartman is the only character that notice's Kenny's abbilaty to come back to life after his deaths. Trey Parker once stated that this is because in Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs Frosty Cartman was Kenny.


In an interveiw Trey stated that Kenny is based on a real friend of his named Kenny. This Kenny appearently wore an orange parka and would dissapear for weeks at a time which would cause people to ask if he was dead. Matt and Trey often state that when they were growing up the groups of friends were always the two best friends, the fat kid and the poor kid. This is why Kenny is potrayed as so poor on the show.

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"Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" it should be noted that in the TV version of this episode, there is a goof where Kenny is in the boat.