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Liane Cartman is a fictional character in Trey and Matt's most famous creation, South Park. She is the mother of Eric Cartman.

Liane Cartman






Roman Catholic


Prostatute, Porn Model

Voiced By:

Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Shnider, April Stuart (currently)

First Appearence:

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe


Eric Cartman (son), Mable Cartman (mother), Elvin Cartman (nephew)


Despite being motherly and sweet she is also extremely sexual and works as a prostitute.

Concept and CreationEdit

Her name and slutty personality is based on Trey's ex-fiance Liane Adamo. Her motherly side is based on Trey Parkers mother, Sharon Parker.

Episodes Where She is ProminentEdit

"Cartmans Mom is a Dirty Slut"-Begins to tell Cartman the supposed story of who his father is.

"Cartmans Mom is Still a Dirty Slut"-She and the town lie to Cartman about who his father is.

"Fat Camp"-Sends Cartman to fat camp.

'Cheroke Hair Tampons"-Buys products from Miss Information.

"Freak Strike"-Helps Cartman get on the Maury Povich show.

"Tsst"-Tries to control Cartman's behaviour by using various TV baby-sitters.

"201"-Witnesses the reveal of Cartman's true father.

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