Capitaine orgazmo joe lisa

Lisa is Joe Young's fiance in the film Orgazmo






Played By:

Robin Lynn Raab




Joe Young (fiance)


She is wholesome and shelterd of almost anything sexual. By the end of the movie she embraces sexuality and her morman faith. She wants to get married to Joe in the temple. She is also in the church choir along with Joe.

Role in OrgazmoEdit

She is Joe's modavation for agreeing to act in a pornographic film because it pays so much and Lisa wants to get married in the temple so badly, but it costs alot of money. Joe lies to her and tells her he got a part in a movie version of death of a salesmen. When Lisa comes to visit Joe in California she finds out about the real film and leaves. When she relizes how importans Joe is to her she comes back but is kidnapped by Maxxx Orbison to blackmale Joe into finishing the sequil. She is saved by Joe and Ben as the real Choda Boy and Orgazmo.

Comic Book style

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