"On Top Of You" is a song from the film Cannibal! the Musical. It was written by Trey Parker and is preformed by the character Alfred Packer.


The song was actually written about Trey Parker's ex-fiance Liane Adamo.

In the FilmEdit

In the movie Packer sings the song around the campfire while he has flashbacks of Liane.

When I Was On Top Of You02:17

When I Was On Top Of You

On Top of You in the film

On StageEdit

Usially in the stage versions packer will just sing this song while in the spotlight with very little choriography. However in some versions Liane actually appears on stage during this song and Packer sings it to her, to creat the illusion of flashback.
StinkBomb's Cannibal! the Musical-When I was on top of you02:51

StinkBomb's Cannibal! the Musical-When I was on top of you

Top of you01:46

Top of you

On top of you02:53

On top of you

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