• One Band is the fourteenth episode of Alfred Packer: The Series. It is the final episode and the 14th episode of Season 1.


  • Simon Packer (Johnny Hardwick) is playing a band at his house to make things go greek when it makes a trumpet sound and then he finishes playing his trumpet to circulate the better it takes. He goes outside to tell Phil (Dylan Baker) who is knowing on how it will be willing to complete work and do so. He tells Phil let's go and then they head and then they head to the Sugarhouse Casino and then he and Phil goes inside. He and Phil tells Alfred Packer (Trey Parker) and Polly Pry (Megan Mullally) who knows the way on doing it. He and Phil tells Alfred Packer and Polly Pry that you need to go and then He and Phil are confronted by Jamie (Jamie Dornan) who is a loan shark and then George Noon (Dian Bachar) gives them a force on doing what is right or wrong. He and Phil are attacked by Jamie and then George Noon forces himself to leave and then he and Phil follows him to the arcade area. At the arcade area He and George Noon tells Phil to make sure nothing gets out of the way and then a group of loan sharks named Mort Truck (Johnny Brennan), Dale Bulgarin (Kamal), Geo (Alan Arkin) and Peter (Vincent Pastore) goes to possess them and then Simon Packer fights Mort Truck for Phil and then he kills Mort Truck and then he shoots down Dale Bulgarin, Geo and Peter and then backups Kumail (Brian Tarantina), Phillip (Peter Appel), Joseph (Brad Sullivan) and Sonny (James Lorinz) fight Simon and then Simon kills them for Jamie.

  • He tells Phil to stay by him and then he fights Jamie back and then Jamie starts his own combat of hand and then he calls in the last backup of loan sharks named Susie (Suzanne Shepherd), Michael (William Hickey), Benjamin (Alan North) and Link (Joe Lisi) who are going to kill Phil and then Phil kills Susie, Michael, Benjamin and Link who are loan sharks because they were trying to kill Simon. He and Phil follows Jamie to the underground area of the casino and then he tells Phil stay by me and then he goes into the office and tells Jamie make sure you do not drop your sword and then he says okay and then he follows him to the loading bay and then he and Phil enters the loading bay. In the loading bay He tells Phil okay and then he tells him that this will be right and then later it goes to few minutes later. At the house James Humphrey goes to the park and then he tells Alfred Packer this is right and then he finds out that cannibals named Griffin (Ron Ostrow), Rogelio (Ozzy Osbourne), Harry (Henry Bogdan), Glenn (Rob Echevarria) and Noam (Page Hamilton) who are cannibals for Alfred goes to find out and then Alfred tells them to attack and then Alfred kills Griffin and then James Humphrey kills Rogelio, Harry, Glenn and Noam who are going to regret it and then he heads to the diner. At the diner He is confronted by cannibals named Park (John Stanier), Freddie (Keanu Reeves), Janet (Dina Meyer), Tyler (Ice-T), Kurt (Takeshi Kitano) and Yul (Denis Akiyama) and then James Humphrey shoots and kills Park, Freddie, Janet, Tyler, Kurt and Yul and then he takes their briefcases with stolen money and then he takes the stolen money with him and then takes it to Simon's house and puts it away in his room to keep it.

  • He tells himself and then he calls Simon saying where are you and then Simon tells James I'm at the casino and then he says are you alright and then Simon says I'm busy with Phil in a combat with Jamie and then he hangs up and puts the phone away. He and Phil are into the garage loading bay room and then he tells Jamie make sure that you never do this and then He and Phil finds out that the Loan Sharks named Bills (Dolph Lundgren), Andre (Henry Rollins), Gianna (Barbara Sukowa) and Danny (Udo Kier) are going to shoot and kill Simon and then he kills Bills, Andre, Gianna and Danny and then he follows Jamie back to the casino upstairs and then they go into the elevator that leads to Jamie's room. In Jamie's room on the second floor He and Phil tells Jamie make sure that you don't do this and then loan shark casino residents named Gil (Dustin Hoffman), Benedict (Jon Voight), Maria (Sylvia Miles) and Jay (John McGiver) are giving out the bad questions to kill him and then He kills Gil, Benedict, Maria and Jay once again and then they use a piece to break the wall open and then he goes out of the elevator room that leads to the hallways and then they leave them there. 

  • In the hallway that leads to the roof He and Phil follows Jamie to the roof and then Jamie locks them in and then he smashes the lock and then exits and then goes out onto the roof. On the roof He and Phil tells Jamie to make sure nothing is neccisary and then Simon takes cover from Jamie and then Phil is trying to kill Jamie and then Phil says I am a good man and then Jamie says that's good and then he says I told you to please give me the sword and I will be Simon's master and then Jamie says okay then and then Jamie takes a sword and then he stabs Phil but he is still alive with it and then Simon says no and then he fights Jamie and then Simon fights Jamie and then he shoots Jamie in the leg and then he kills him with a sword and then Jamie drops from the casino rooftop and then he splats onto the road and then he dies and then he throws the sword onto the road and then he gets back to Phil. Simon is upset because Phil got stabbed in the body by Jamie and then Phil dies after his injury and then he leaves and then he returns to his car and then he goes to the hardware store.

  • At the hardware store He works hard at the hardware store and then he tells Alfred Packer how are you today and then Alfred says just fine and then he says really but why would you and then he does some fixing and then Polly Pry, James Humphrey and George Noon arrive to talk through and then Alfred Packer is arrested by a police officer named Rob (John Schlesinger) and then he looks for Alfred Packer and then Alfred Packer is arrested by Rob and then he tells James Humphrey my idea is that Phil died and then he says I'm sorry and then he said that's okay and then he goes with James Humphrey to the car. At the meeting He tells David (Dave Filoni) that you are here to come see me and then he says that's for sure and then David says Hi Simon and you know what you did for this week and he says yes and I heard that Phil died and then he says I'm sorry for your loss and then he says that's okay I can stand with you and then he says I'm glad you are my friend and then he says thank you and then he goes with David. At Phil's funeral He, George, Alfred, Polly, David and James are sitting at a funeral and then they are sad and then a funeral attendant named Brandon (James Franco) comes to arrive to attend Phil's funeral and then he says that the death of Phil is sad and then he says I have heard that Phil was a good man and he worked at a hardware store near the square in Philadelphia and then he says this is not funny and then he says to Simon that he was the best man and I know he was.

  • He comes up to tell Brandon that Phil was a good man and I really liked him and then he cries and then Brandon says I am very sorry about your loss and then he returns to his seat and then he says that's okay and then he cries and then Polly, George Noon, James Humphrey, Dave and Alfred Packer cries themselves and then Brandon says are you alright and then Simon says I am okay and then he leaves with James Humphrey, George Noon, Polly Pry, Alfred Packer and Dave and then Brandon says bye thank you for coming here and I know it was sad for you all and then Simon cries with James Humphrey. In the ending scene He, Alfred Packer, Polly Pry, George Noon and Dave are happy to hear that a citizen named Braden (Bob Balaban) who is thankful is welcoming for helping him and then Brandon says Hi I'm glad to see you and then he tells Braden and Brandon thank you and then they tell him your welcome and then they talk about doing a minute and dance along. He dances with George Noon to make things alot more better to think about and then Brandon says hooray. He says hooray with George Noon to Bradndon so that it will be better to do so and he is thankful.


  • Mort Truck - Killed by Simon.
  • Dale Bulgarin - Killed by Simon.
  • Geo - Killed by Simon.
  • Peter - Killed by Simon.
  • Kumail - Killed by Simon.
  • Phillip - Killed by Simon.
  • Joseph - Killed by Simon.
  • Sonny - Killed by Simon.
  • Susie - Killed by Phil.
  • Michael - Killed by Phil.
  • Benjamin - Killed by Phil.
  • Link - Killed by Phil.
  • Griffin - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Rogelio - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Glenn -  Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Noam - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Park - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Freddie - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Janet - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Tyler - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Kurt - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Yul - Killed by James Humphrey.
  • Bills - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Andre - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Gianna - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Danny - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Gil - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Benedict - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Maria - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Jay - Killed by Simon Packer.
  • Jamie - Killed by Simon Packer for killing Phil.
  • Phil - Died after being stabbed in the body and abdoman.


  • Alfred Packer - Arrested and released from jail during a funeral.

Rating AdvisoryEdit

  • This following presentation is rated TV-MA for violence and viewer discreation is advised.