the Spirit of Christmas is a student film made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone which would later become South Park.


Four boys are building a snowman when they put a magic hat on it's head which causes it to come to life. It kills two of the boys. In the end Baby Jesus comes and defeated the snowman. In the end the boys learn that the ture meaning of Christmas is presents.

"South Park" resembalancesEdit

One of the boys looks like Eric Cartman but is named Kenny

One of the nameless boys resembles Kenny McCormick.

The other two boys sound like Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski

Jesus would later become a character in South Park.

The phrase "i've learned something today" would later be used in South Park numerous times.

In the South Park episode "Simpsons Already did it" Tweak is afraid the snowman there building will come to life to which Stan replies "When has that ever happened except for that one time?"