== Plot==

Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny are singing christmas carols when Stan tells Kyle that since he's jewish he should sing hannukah songs. Cartman makes fun of Kyle's song however. Just then Jesus shows up and asks the kids to take him to the mall so he can find Santa, so the boys do. Once there Jesus claims that Santa's presents make people forgette about what christmas is really about, Jesus's birthday. Santa sais that christmas is a time for giving. They duke it out and accidently kill bystanders including Kenny. Jesus soon gets Santa pinned and both him and Santa ask the boys for there help, Stan asks himselfe "What would Brian Boitono Do?". Then Brian Boitono appears and tells the boys that christmas is about being good to each other. The boys tell this to Jesus and Santa and the apolagize to each other. Then the boys relize the true meaning of christmas is presents, Kyle sais that if your jewish you get presents for eight days, so Stan and Cartman decide they should become jewish too.


In 1995, after seeing the Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs Frosty FOX executive Brian Graden payed Matt and Trey $2,000 US dollars to make another one that could be used as an animated christmas card. Graden distributed the film to eighty friends in December 1995. After circulating on bootleg tapes and the internet for long time the film eventually caught the attention of Comedy Central. They hired Parker and Stone to develop the television show South Park.