Stan Marsh is a character in Matt and Trey's animated sitcom South Park. He is voiced by and based on Trey Parker.

Stan Marsh







Voiced By:

Trey Parker


Roman Catholic


Randy Marsh (father), Sharon Marsh (mother), Shelly Marsh (sister), Marvin Marsh (grandpa), Jimbo Kern (uncle), Flo Kimbell (aunt)

First Appearence:

Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs Santa

First Appearence in Series:

Cartman Gets An Anal Probe


Stan is sensitive as shown in the episode "Kenny Dies" as he cannot stand to see Kenny dying so is the only one of the boys not to go see him in the hospital. He also becomes depressed in the episode "Raisins" when Wendy breaks up with him and leaves him for Token. He is also preachy and morally correct. In the episode "Cheroke Hair Tampons" he challenges Miss Information about her holistic medicine. In the episode "Whale Whores" he stands up for whales and dolphins and helps the cast of Whale Wars to actuall do stuff. Also in the episode "Super Best Friends" he stands up to David Blain and his Blaintolagests. He also challanges John Edward and acuses him of being a fake in the episode "the Biggest Douche in the Universe". However he does buy into the metrosexual trend in the episode "South Park Is Gay".

Stan is also an animal lover. In the episode "Valcano" he refuses to hunt, in the episode "Whale Whores" he tries to help whales and dolphins, in the episode "Fun With Veal" he saves a number of baby cows, in the episode "Free Wilziak" he thinks Wilziak is actually from the moon and succesfully sends him there with the help of his friends.

Episodes Without StanEdit

"Terrance and Phillip in Not Withoute My Anus"

"Cat Orgy"


"A Million Little Fibers"