Timmy is a fictinal character in Matt and Trey's animated sitcom South Park








Voiced By:

Trey Parker




Roman Catholic


Richard (father), Helen (mother)

First Appearence:

Tooth Fairy Tats 2000


Timmy is fairly happy and despite being mentally challanged is is quite smart and can easily figure things out. For example in the episode "Helen Keller! the Musical" he can figure out that the other turkey's owner lied to him because the men he told him were from "Animal Control" talk about installing the water effects. Also in the episode "Up the Down Steriod" he figures out that Jimmy has been taking steroides when the containers fall out of his gym bag.


Timmy was originally intended just to be used in the scene from "Tooth Fairy Tats 2000" as a joke that using a kids wheelchair would be a funny way to have the boys pull Kenny's tooth out. However after the network disaproved of the character Matt and Trey decided that they should do an entire Timmy episode (Timmy 2000) and from there Timmy became the most popular character on the show for a very long time.

Episodes Where he is PromanentEdit

"Tooth Fairy Tats 2000"-Helps pull Kenny's tooth out. First appearence.

"Timmy 2000"-Joins Skylers band and becomes a celebrity.

"Cartman Joins NAMBLA"- Goes to the NAMBLA party.

"Cheroke Hair Tampons"- Helps get Cartman's kydney.

"Fingerbang"-Filmed the Fingerbanh music video.

"Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?"-Is baptised by Cartman.

"Probably"-Is "healed" by Cartman and regains faith in Cartmans church.

"4th Grade"-The boys use his wheelchair to travel back to third grade.

"Helen Keller! the Musical"-Gets the lead in the play and adopts a turky named Gobbles.

"Cripple Fight"-Timmy is jelouse of the new kid in scouts, Jimmy, and they end up in a huge cripple fight which is mistaken for a gay pride ralley.

"Proper Condom Use"-Helps in the war against the girls.

"Proffeser Chaos"-Is a candidate for the boys new fourth friend.

"Bebe's Boobs Destroy Socioty"-Becomes obsessed with Bebe.

"Krazy Kripples"-Him and Jimmy join "the Crips" thinking it is a club for the crippled.

"South Park is Gay"-Becomes a metrosexual.

"Up the Down Steriod"-Competes in the special olympics and tries to tell Mr. Macky that Jimmy is on steroids.

"Follow that Egg"-Is paired with Annie.

"Crippled Summer"-Goes to cripple camp with Jimmy.