Token Black is a fictinal character in Trey and Matt's Animated Sitcom South Park.

Episodes in Which He is PromanentEdit

"Cartmans Silly Hate Crime 2000"-Is hit by a rock byCartman, later hepls get him pardoned.

"Chef Goes Nanners"-Him and his family protest with Chef.

"Here Comes the Neighborhood"-Token helps get more rich kids to come to South Park.

"Proffeser Chaos"-Is a candidate for the boys new fourth friend.

"The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring of the Two Towers"-Token accidently watches a porno tape.

"Christian Rock Hard"-Token plays bass for Cartman's band "Faith Plus One"

"Raisins"-Becomes Wendy's new boyfriend

"Good Times With Weapons"-Plays Ninjas

"Quest For Ratings"-Is the weather person for the Sexy Action School News.

"Wing"-the Boys try and get Token to sign with there talent agency.

"With Apolagies to Jesse Jackson"-Token is mad that Randy said the N-word on "Wheel of Fortune".

"The List"-Token is the second cutest boy in the fake list.

"W.T.F."-Token plays "Kongo" in the boys wresteling federation.