"Trapper Song" is a song from the film Cannibal! the Musical. It was written by Trey Parker and preformed by the character Frenchy Cabazon.

In the FilmEdit

In the film the song is preformed by the Trappers to show the miners what it means to be a trapper. It is interesting to note that Trey Parker dubbed the song.

The Trapper Song01:59

The Trapper Song

Cannibal! The Musical Trapper Song00:56

Cannibal! The Musical Trapper Song

StinkBomb's Cannibal the Musical-Trapper Song03:32

StinkBomb's Cannibal the Musical-Trapper Song

Trapper Song05:36

Trapper Song

Trapper Song OMG01:41

Trapper Song OMG

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